Consider a Minitrust a new type of release fund to support that vulnerable transition from inmate to parolee. We feel a business using inmates should contribute to it, but it is also open to contributions from relatives and friends. Each Minitrust account is tied to a specific parolee.

A key feature is that the money doesn’t belong to the parolee. Parolees walking out of prison with several thousand dollars in their pockets may attract the unscrupulous, thus really acting against a successful transition into lawful society. A Minitrust is administered by a Trustee, in conjunction with a Parole Officer when one is available, to authorize only those expenses needed to rejoin lawful society but not available through public assistance.

Purchasing a used car to get to work or contracting a credit repair service are examples the Trustee would typically authorize and pay. Purchasing drugs or making shady loans not so much. As much as we do support a court’s right to garnish a parolee’s income and assets, a Minitrust is neither.