Second Chance Incubator

Our main activity at present is the establishment of our DBA Second Chance Incubator. Modeled after successful incubators in the private sector, our Second Chance Incubator will operate within a prison to take IT business ideas suitable for prisons and converting them into operational, profitable, proof-of-concept businesses ready to deploy within a prison.

For consideration, a prison business idea must:
1) Provide IT job skills with a future to inmates from training and certification to hands-on work experience.
2) Comply to prison security, creatively at times but always within regulations.
3) Produce a profitable business independent of winning charitable grants.
4) Integrate into the business plan a seamless transition from inmate to working parolee.
5) Establish and contribute to a working inmate’s Minitrust [link] fund.

The Second Chance Incubator is in formation and has yet to begin operations. If you would like updates, sign up for our electronic bulletins.